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Occult Symbolism Behind Rihanna's 'Umbrella'


Occult Symbolism Behind Rihanna's 'Umbrella'

Rihanna's song ' Umbrella ' seems very simple. It seems that the singer is singing about passion for the man, but in fact, in the lyrics of the song evil symbolism is hidden.


Virginia Solomon

HAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry. There was a line here and you dove over it with this one. This one is the same as the Beyonce video where here good self dies in the car fire. I think this video is Rhianna saying she's under Jay Z's umbrella. The splashes, a baptism into their foolishness. She's covered in gold in the video yeah? That's what she joined the madness to get isn't it? All of these artists participating in this foolishness are idiots.


Lenon Honor

What is Rihanna’s Umbrella song about? First times I’ve heard this song,   I was confused. Is it about a woman’s unconditional friendship for her man? Is it a “sexy song”? At face value, it seems so. However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and Jay-Z’s words, you might notice that the lyrics do not make any sense. The vocabulary used in this song is not about a relationship between two lovers. The fact is, Umbrella is about a subject matter that is sinister, dark and disturbing: becoming possessed by evil.


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