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CIA Remote Controlled Human!?


CIA Remote Controlled Human!?

The CIA in 2015 is creating RCO's. It stands for "remote controlled humanoid". This is achieved by rigging the body's nervous system with electrical pulse technology to "hack" the signals sent to the human brain.


If there's no morality left, then only money and imagination are the limits, and surely they have unlimited funding and no respect for life whatsoever. They have many naive idiot savants working for them, many crazy and politically naive scientists who don't feel responsible for their own actions and who don't believe in a God.

Carolyne S
What an interesting documentary..nothing would surprise me with the CIA..and what is coming out about them in the news..and thats nothing......they sound like a bunch of crazy nutters that have caused most of the Worlds problems! Wish more people would have the courage to speak out and tell the world the truth as to what is going on behind closed doors and in bases...because its seriously sick!!! x

Alex Constantine
1963 CIA-issued manual prepared on the study of Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control (RHIC) explained: “When a part of your brain receives a tiny electrical impulse from outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc., an emotion is produced—anger at the sight of a gang of boys beating an old woman, for example. The same emotions of anger can be created by artificial radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You could instantly feel the same white hot anger without any apparent reason.”

Published by , 20.01.2015 at 13:22
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Charles King
Charles King 20 January 15 13:36 we can be assured this tech is now more advanced than ever. I for one really don't want to know what type of genetic abominations is already being used. Text hided expand
Kenneth Murphy
Kenneth Murphy 20 January 15 13:38 how much you wanna bet that the this monster was a usa gov test of some sort  Text hided expand
Phebe Paul
Phebe Paul 20 January 15 13:42 There is a video on yt that shows an experiment of a dog head being kept alive. That was in the 50s. Then this thing in the 80s. So what is out there now? Text hided expand
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