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Ebola CDC Update: Flesh Eating Bacteria, Creepy Crawlies among us


Ebola CDC Update: Flesh Eating Bacteria, Creepy Crawlies among us

The Ebola virus is spreading with appalling speed. Doctors still do not know how to stop the epidemic sickness that devours the flesh.


Janet Jane Perico

Wew,I heard Ebola is an expirement injectable bacteria to scare african people and whole world to panic,and there is also invented expensive medicine for it.I don't know if it's true.


Mia De Graaf

With no known cure or vaccine, health ministers have warned people to stay inside while they try to stop it spreading.


Tyler Durden

As Ebola spreads mercilessly across the world, it appears Florida has a problem that sounds just as awful. As CBS reports, Florida health officials are warning beachgoers about a seawater bacterium that can invade cuts and scrapes to cause flesh-eating disease. At least 11 Floridians have contracted Vibrio vulnificus so far this year and two have died, according to the most recent state data.


Published by , 13.01.2015 at 00:04
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Robert 13 January 15 02:26 Ebola can only spread in spit, blood, and sweat. But Ebola can mutate to have the ability to spread easily Text hided expand
John Ellis
John Ellis 13 January 15 16:07 wait a minute the reporter is standing at ebola encampment without protection HEY WHAT GIVES??? everything is deception. Text hided expand
Charles King
Charles King 13 January 15 16:18 funny in Canoe.ca or any other Quebec news, ebola has been off the air since 2 months now. So what is this? Text hided expand
Kenneth Murphy
Kenneth Murphy 13 January 15 16:42 ABC news fraud. 1 load of horse Hui after another,  Text hided expand
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