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January 2015 Breaking News: Ebola patient in Britain transferred to London


A woman from British health care who contracted the Ebola virus in West Africa has been transferred in London for specialist treatment from Scotland. She was transferred to an isolation unit.


James Herrera

Ebola Virus is a man made Virus ... don't fool people on this planet Earth asshole scientist ... we don't need your experiment to make more money ...



"The only previous victim of the often-fatal disease in Britain was William Pooley"
William Pooley gave Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message this year, on the subject of beating Ebola. The 29-year-old nurse delivered his speech from the Connaught Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he returned after making a full recovery from Ebola earlier in the year.

The alternative Christmas message is a message broadcast by Channel 4 since 1993, as a sometimes humorous and sometimes serious alternative to the Royal Christmas Message of Queen Elizabeth II.


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