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Manhattan Project: 25 years of total power


The new project conducted during World War II to develop the first atomic bomb was called "The Manhattan Project". It was the special codename. The project was headed by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada made the support. From 1942–1946 under the control of the United States Army Corps of Engineers it was formally designated as the Manhattan Engineer District (MED).

American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer led the scientific development.
The project grew out of a small research program in 1939. In ten years the Manhattan Project eventually employed more than 130,000 people and cost nearly US$2 billion ($22 billion in current value). It was one of the most rich conspiracies in history. It had been kept in secret for 25 years. MED organization maintained control over U.S. weapons production until the appearance of the Atomic Energy Commission in Jan.1947.

Manhattan Project: 25 years of total power


Jorge L Anzardo 

What is the difference in killing 100k people with one bomb versus killing 40k people by fire bombing Tokyo with conventional weapons. The Japanese were the aggressor and the US acted in self defense.



TIL that Manhattan Project mathematician Richard Hamming was asked to check some arithmetic by a fellow researcher. Hamming planned to give it to a subordinate until he realized it was a set of calculations to see if the nuclear detonation would ignite the entire Earth's atmosphere.


Nancy Tinker

Congress has authorized the establishment of a new National Park commemorating the history of the Manhattan Project. Comprised of the three laboratories whose work was dedicated to accomplishing the Manhattan Project’s mission, the new national park will include historic resources located in Los Alamos, New Mexico; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; and Hanford, Washington. As laboratories located in each site furthered Manhattan Project goals, each location will spotlight specific resources that were critical to this era in American history.


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Charles King
Charles King 2 January 15 14:24 How do we keep information and “How TO” still safe from our enemies who enjoy stealing from our country’s being too transparent and open to those who would do our country harm? Text hided expand
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